Wheelie Bins for sale, delivered across the UK by Wheelie Bin Sales

Wheelie bins for sale. Wheelie Bin Sales offer top quality wheelie bins at very competitive prices. We are based in London and will deliver anywhere across the UK. Please phone us on 0845 644 1654 for price and feature information on our extensive range of wheelie bins.

Facts about our Wheelie Bins

Not all wheelie bins are made equal! Here are the facts about ours.

  1. Our Wheelie Bins are compatible to all municipal waste disposal universal lifters
  2. Our range of Plastic Wheelie Bins is UV, heat, cold and chemically resistant.
  3. A wide choice of colours are available in our 2 wheeled bins including green, grey, yellow, red and blue.
  4. All our waste disposal bins are British Standard EN840 Certified.
  5. All of our 4 wheeled container range of wheelie bins have 4 heavy duty swivel castors, 2 of which are fitted with foot brakes.
  6. Our steel container wheelie bin bodies are fully galvanised inside and out to British Standard EN729.
  7. Our wheelie bin containers completely prevent Rat, Fox, Cat and all other rodent disturbance.
  8. With Wheelie bins obnoxious smells are a thing of the past.

Our Wheelie Bin Range includes...

We stock a wide range of wheelie bins for waste disposal including heavy duty plastic containers ranging from 90 to 1100 Litres and galvanised steel ranging from 240 to 1280 Litres. A full list of available wheelie bins including specifications can found here. We also provide many optional extras and related services including wheelie bin covers. This enables Wheelie Bin Sales to provide a superior service to our customers.

For Wheelie bin sales and customer service call 0845 644 1654


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Wheelie Bins for sale. TEL: 0845 644 1654
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